coffee date. with a side of fruit.

both of my kids woke up at 4:45 am. 
coffee was much needed today.

if we had a coffee date, i would order a vanilla chai latte. 
a piece of fruit and some chocolate would go nicely with it.
i love chocolate.

*how refreshing it is to get a little break*

i would want to sit outside
to breathe in fresh air
and feel the sun on me.

i would tell you funny stories of the kids and marco and i...
or anything in general.
i love to laugh.

i would ask you about your family and any fun plans.
and goals for this year.

tell me some stories
ask me for stories
i love stories.

i'm sure we would talk about fun stuff we could do next time we get together.
i would probably whip out my agenda book and jot down some notes. 
because i am a note-taker/list-maker :)

i would tell you how much fun it was 
to have uninterrupted adult conversation. 
but i do already miss my kids.

i would leave feeling happy and enlightened.

and smiling.

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