an angel.

heaven gained one more angel last night.
my cousin michael got his wings a little too early.
his life may have been cut short here on earth,
but his days are endless up there.
and he will forever be in peace.

i can just see him entering the gates
with his big smile.
he has some great company up there.

my cousin amber wrote this, and could not have said it better:
I guess it never occurred to me, 
that last time that I saw you, that it just might be the last.... 
at least I can remember you wearing your smile 
and sharing your precious laugh. 
Surely I would have stayed a little longer, to talk with you that night, 
I would have said goodbye and hugged you with all my might. 
I hope your last days here 
were full of Love and things that made you smile. 
Maybe we'll meet again someday in another place & time.

we love you michael.

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