before you have kids.

before you have kids...
you think about what it will be like to have them. 
who they will look like. who they will act like.
what their passions will be.

and while you are pregnant 
you prepare 
by getting a nursery ready
buying baby stuff
figuring out what you will name your baby.

but what about the other stuff? 

the life changing decisions you will have to make for your child...

the most important decisions you will have to make...

that could affect them for the rest of their lives...

some have benefits..but...

some have risks...

these are things that no one tells you to look into. 
but they are things worth looking into. 

you have to decide what is right for your family. what you believe. not what everyone else is doing.

these are life changing decisions you have to make for your baby.
another human being that is not yourself, 
but one you only want the best for.
the only one(s) who mean the world to you.

so my advice to anyone who ever wants children, or is pregnant... 

research the decisions you will have to make.

be your child's advocate.


  1. thats what worries me about having kids. I still ask my mom 100 questions a week. but when i have kids I have to be the parents. yipes!!

  2. Hi! I found you through Casey's link up! I'm a new follower and I invite you to come to my blog, and follow me as well if you like what you see! - Nicole from http://insidethemindofnicole.blogspot.com

  3. Your little girl is precious! Found you via Casey. :)


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