pregnancy to baby.

there are quite a few stages a woman goes through in pregnancy. physically and emotionally.

at first she's excited and can't wait to have a belly showing and tell everyone she knows.

15 wks

then she may be scared because she hasn't quite made it to viability.

once she gets that belly and glow, she is happy to be in public, where everyone makes sweet comments.

20 wks

once her belly grows more and she reaches that third trimester, she starts to get uncomfortable. clothes don't fit, she may get a little self-conscious. there may be new and annoying pregnancy symptoms that arise.

29 wks

closer to the end, unwelcome stretch marks and disturbed sleep may happen. and she may start to get frustrated and be ready to be done and meet her baby.

35 wks

but then, when that baby comes....nothing matters anymore. looking back on those petty issues during pregnancy seems ridiculous. and the stress and worry has paid off. her sweet baby is snuggling in her arms.

and it was all worth it.

every minute. every ache and pain. every stretch mark.

because her baby is perfect.


  1. awww so sweet. i was never too bothered about pregnancy, more anxious about the pain and unknown of childbirth ! ah well i got over it quick enough

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  2. I'm in tears reading your blog. I had a miserable pregnancy and we've been told I may not get pregnant again :( I'm having a difficulty accepting that but still consider myself lucky for I have been blessed with a beautiful baby.


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