a take-home baby & 36 weeks

i can't even believe it. soon we will have a baby. a take-home baby.

that means after he comes out, he will be with us. we will get to hold him and kiss him. stare at him. and i will get to nurse him.

and he will be breathing on his own.

and then...he will get to come home with us.

all together, like a family.

i cannot believe that i am 36 weeks pregnant. even though that is technically not full term, babies born at 36 weeks usually get to go home. so if it were to happen any time, we should be good to go.

we are all just so excited and cannot wait to meet the little mister. we finally feel that we are in the safe zone and now we just wait for him.

there haven't been too many changes with pregnancy lately besides the fact that i keep getting bigger. my amniotic fluid level rose a bit as of last week. contractions have picked up a little bit recently too.

a few stretch marks are starting to show. i will call them beauty stripes that i earned and worked hard for in this pregnancy. 

i am trying to rest as much as possible lately. 

and i can't wait to see my little guy on the ultrasound tomorrow.

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