thoughts about having two babies.

the urge to have another baby was so strong. after becoming pregnant, my feelings have gone back and forth from 'can i do this? can i handle two babies?' to 'i've got this. it will be amazing and fun.'

i've wondered 'how will i share my heart with two babies? will it feel different?' and now i feel like i kind of know the answer, because my love for my baby boy in my tummy grows stronger each day. i just cannot wait to snuggle him. we are all so excited. i think my heart will just continue to grow for the loves added to my life.

i am constantly thinking about my babies, and our daily lives and am constantly making sure they are taken care of and protected. even this little boy in my belly is always on my mind. i want him to stay healthy and safe. i guess that is a good prep for him to come. but when he comes, how will i *literally* juggle two babies?! i think about our daily routines right now and try to picture putting an infant into the puzzle and how simple things will be so much more different once he comes.

i will figure it out. i have to. 

i feel so blessed to be at this point in my life. i really couldn't ask for more.

this picture just melts my heart. lyla fell asleep holding her picture of her baby brother < 3  my two babies. big sis already loving on and looking after her baby brother. so so sweet. i can't get enough.

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  1. I'm so nervous. Honestly I try not to think about it because I have no idea what it's going to be like-having them so close in age. I have heard that the first year with 2 under 2 is hard.


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