the most pregnant i've ever been.

today i am 29 weeks
the most pregnant i've ever been
words cannot describe how happy and thankful i am
i want to jump for joy and celebrate
but we still have a ways to go
so we will save that for when our full term baby gets here

How far along:  29 weeks!!!
Maternity clothes:  mainly just pants. i have bought regular shirts but in a bigger size and i have a few maternity shirts too.
Stretch marks:  none that i can see yet. hopefully it stays that way!
Sleep:  I am very tired but have a hard time sleeping due to getting up to use the restroom frequently and being uncomfortable. i use lots of pillows, but sometimes it just doesn't help! i think the longest stretch i get at night is 3 hours.
Best moment this week: reaching this day! being the most pregnant i've ever been and feeling it too.
Miss Anything:  there are a few things but i know i will get to enjoy it all again in a few months. i'm just trying to enjoy this pregnancy.
Movement: yep! lots of new feelings for me. big movements and kicks everywhere. sometimes i can even feel or see his little foot sticking out of my belly.
Food cravings: nothing really lately. that's a good thing i suppose!
Food aversions: i still have issues with salmon....
Boy or girl: BOY!
Labor Signs: i have contractions, but have medicine to take to stop them.
Symptoms: weird dreams, charlie horses in my calves at night (which means lots of banana eating around here), swollen hands and feet, tired....no complaints though! I want to experience it all :)
Belly Button in or out:  poking out a bit.
Wedding rings on or off:  off since 16 weeks.
Looking forward to: cooler weather!! I would be happy with 80 degrees....
Happy or moody most of the time: happy for the most part, but i do have my moments.
Baby purchases:  quite a few! i love shopping and preparing for the baby. my latest purchases were a few hooded towels and a receiving blanket for when he's born. i cannot wait to snuggle him in it. Looking forward to: meeting him! but not before the full term mark.


  1. Love it! I would be happy with 80 degrees too. It's so ridiculously hot out here omg!

  2. I can't wait to be pregnant so I can do preggers posts :) Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, following you back!
    Of Thoughts and Things

  3. Congratulations on hitting week 29. I think it's so fun that we're equally as far along and both carrying boys!


  4. thanks for swinging by you are a brave brave woman :D


  5. What a cute little belly!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  6. I remember getting those nightly charlie horses! They totally went away as soon as I had Judah :-)
    your soooo cute!

  7. You look so good! I tried taking my wedding ring off later on in my pregnancy but couldn't get it off! My fingers where way to swollen!

    Thanks for following :) I'm following you now too!


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