diaper bag review.

when i was pregnant with lyla, i didn't think picking out a diaper bag was a big deal. i just found a cute affordable one, and went with it. well, after she came home and we started to have our outings to the doctor offices, i soon realized that the one i picked was no good. it had 2 short shoulder straps which were not comfortable to hold, a zipper opening which is not really convenient, and just not enough space for what i needed to pack. 

so i got rid of that one, and found a messenger style that was cute. again, not practical. not enough space, and the strap was not comfy. it was a flimsy type bag too, so not easy to get things in and out.

then i decided to sew a couple. well those had the same problem as the previous one. flimsy, straps not comfy, and not enough space.

so i decided to do some research (i know it sounds ridiculous) but i really wanted/needed the perfect diaper bag. especially since we were going to have two in diapers (most likely). and cloth diapers take up a lot of space.

i found two popular diaper bags that moms recommended and compared sizes and features. i decided to try the petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack first. i thought it would be great for baby-wearing since it could be a messenger style bag or backpack. 

turns out, i really didn't like it because 1. the straps were uncomfortable. they were like seat belt straps. 2. the velcro flap was really annoying and would get caught on things, esp the material of the bag. and 3. hated the zipper opening after you opened the flap and it just didn't seem like there was much space...there was a lot of digging going on. oh and it was also a very heavy bag by itself.

so then i decided to go with the ju-ju-be be all. there are a ton of options with this brand, but i felt like the messenger bag would be the best, and turns out it is. this one's the winner! finally. i have no complaints about it yet. it has a ton of space and pockets and i love the material...easy to wipe clean if you need to. the shoulder strap has padding and there are so many cute prints too. (i have the morning vines...love the lime green).

so the ju-ju-be be all would be the diaper bag i recommend for those of you looking for one. and if you stalk amazon, sometimes they are on sale :)

and if you are ever looking for just a really big bag to throw everything you need for a family into it...check out the thirty-one large utility tote. it rocks my world for beach and swimming days!

i'm a little bag-obsessed...

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  1. the perfect diaper bag is very hard to find! I found that my perfect diaper bag was a purse!! It had everything I wanted and It had side pockets for carrying bottles.. kinda crazy! GOod luck finding one!



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