baby boy.

32 weeks actual gestation
measuring about 34.5 weeks 
weighing about 5 lbs 1 oz
looking cute as ever
with tons and tons of hair
and squishy chubby cheeks
he enjoys being breech at the moment

my fluid level has gone up a bit more
and i measure at 38 weeks

i seriously cannot believe i have a 5 lb baby in my belly. i was guessing he would be about 4.5 lbs. i was in shock today at my ultrasound, but very very very excited. 

i guess it is true about having children that are exact opposites. we can't get lyla to gain weight. she is a 20 lb, almost 27 month old. and has been 20 lbs since she was about 18 months old. this little boy on the other hand, is going to be a 10 pounder at birth if he keeps this up and is born close to 40 weeks. lyla weighed 10 lbs at 6 months.  i imagine him outgrowing clothes faster than i can get him to wear them, whereas each season i'm hoping lyla outgrows something.

this is a whole new road for us. 

this is his story though. 

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  1. So exciting :) haha that makes me laugh my girl is the same way. She's one year and 17 lbs and will NOT eat! lol! My next kid will probably be a chubbo :)


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