on the menu: spinach, honey, coconut milk smoothie

spinach, honey & coconut milk smoothie

i know what you are thinking....it sounds gross...but it's good, i promise! unless this 
is one of those weird pregnancy combos you always 
hear about, but lyla approved!! 
although marco wasn't really on board with us.

i used one of these pyrex measuring cups and just put a little 
crushed ice on the bottom, then added a handful of spinach, straight out 
of the bag. then drizzled honey over it and filled the cup up with 
coconut milk. after that i just blended it all with a 
hand blender and wah-lah!

i caught a silly face on camera! she was 
fully enjoying her smoothie with a plate of pesto pasta.

a yummy cool summer treat that is super healthy! a tricky way to 
get nutrients to your toddler :)

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  1. hah those pictures are so cute! i might have to try this combo o.O



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