for my crafty friends: bunting flag banner

Fabric Bunting Banner

This is super easy, I promise! All you need is some fun fabric, pinking shears, hot glue gun & glue, and some kind of ribbon or string.

These are the pinking shears pictured. They have a zig zag edge and are used to prevent fraying.

So all you need to do is decide what size triangles you want to use. For Lyla's birthday banner I used a medium sized triangle and all of them were the same size. For a friend's bridal shower, I mixed and matched sizes and really liked how it turned out!

Cut all of your triangles out, decide which order they will go in and how long the banner will be. Then glue them all on to a string or ribbon of your choice! You may glue on to either the front or back. If I am using a ribbon I prefer that to be over the triangles (in first picture). If I am using a string I prefer that to be on the back.

Happy Crafting!!!

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