24 weeks.

It's finally starting to feel real. Twenty-four weeks marks viability... meaning if the baby were to be born, he would be able to survive outside of me, in the NICU. 

And to celebrate this point in pregnancy, my uterus decided to be irritable....so I had to spend some time in L&D getting monitored last night. Thankfully my cervix was unchanged and everything turned out to be okay. 

Our guy is measuring out to be pretty big for his gestational age. Lyla was really small for hers. So at this point he is about the same size she was when she was born at 28 weeks. Full story here. That is her birth-sized doll pictured with my 24 week belly. 

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  1. great blog and I enjoy the read and the pics ... give your mom a smooch from me!! Sharon Kopina


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