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The Smore family started with us(M&M) meeting in big city Chicago after growing up in small towns in completely different countries (America-Morgan and Italia-Marco) our whole lives. It was love at first sight <3 Five short months later we were saying 'I do' in a beach city in Cali, where we eloped. After that it was Sayonara Chicago! We packed up our Mustang convertible (only taking what fit in the tiny trunk) and moved across the country to the south to seek a warm climate. Upon arrival we were nomads looking for a new home. Once found, Ikea was our biggest fan. Oh and we bought a quaker parrot we named Puffin :)

Fast-forward time to 1.5 years later, and I was meeting the Italian in-laws for the first time. Shortly after that we would find out that we were expecting our first baby and looking for a new house! We were HGTV nerds and wanted a fixer-upper...so that we got. It was fun except poor Marco had to do the majority of the work since I was put on bedrest due to complications in pregnancy. You can find my full pregnancy story here.

We weren't due to have the baby until September, but life is full of suprises, right? Well July 5 was the day Lyla graced us with her presence. She was the tiniest most beautiful thing we had ever seen. It was way too early for her to be born, so she had to spend two extremely long and agonizing months in the NICU. View her first year of life video here. View Lyla's second year of life in pictures on my old blog here.

Fast-forward time again to another year later and another trip to Italy, and we found ourselves expecting again. I swear there is something in that Italian water...anyway, I ran into some more complications, and this time, the baby didn't make it. View my full story here. Be sure to grab some tissues.

This marks the saddest and most painful point in our lives. 

Writing through the whole process of losing the baby and going through everything with Lyla was very therapeutic for me.

Fast-forward time a few months and two surgeries later, and here we are expecting again, but this time before we left for Italy. Here is Lyla's site when she was in the NICU. I wrote daily, sharing the ups, downs, and emotions.

We are excited and ready for this next journey in life. We will be making room for baby marshmallow in the house and I will be working on lots of new projects. Stay tuned!

A few of my old projects can be viewed here.

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