Our trip to ITALY...part uno

We take an annual trip to Italy to see relatives and then do some traveling around too. Last year we went to Sardinia and conquered many beaches there. If you don't know where Sardinia is, look on the map and it's the 'ball' that the 'boot' is kicking.

Lyla was about 12/13 mos when we went last year and had so much fun. Her signature was to poop while on the beach, and the challenge for us was to get creative and figure out what to do with it...

This year we did Sardinia and the southern part of Italy...Sorrento, Capri, Pompei, Amalfi, Positano. Lyla had fun on the beaches, but not so much fun during the touristy traveling parts.  Her signature this year was to poop at all times when changing her was not easy, like in the middle of Pompei or at dinner when I forgot to bring an extra diaper...oops. For some reason, Italians don't feel the need to have changing areas for babies....I guess they don't have many mini tourists in diapers. It definitely made things interesting for me.

During our first part of the trip, Lyla and I were solo travelers. We spent good time with family and two dear friends from England and Brazil. And of course, fun beach time, and good food! Prepare yourself for picture overload...
 Obsessed with airplanes....so excited to see one up close!
The result of not sleeping for a 9 hour flight...totally crashed.
 Just call me Hollywood.
 Lyla's BFF from England!
 Enjoying herself some Gelato...yes it deserves a capital G!
 Hollywood on the beach incognito.
 She looks for rocks on the beach...not sea shells...
 Is that a pregnant woman riding a creepy cat on a mini carousel? Yes. It is. Thoroughly enjoying it.
 Who says a girly-girl can't play soccer too?!
 Lyla declared this beach a nude beach :)

 We found a giant asparagus! Weird...

Yellow toesies

Ending with the cutest picture ever...this picture literally just melts my heart....I couldn't take my eyes off of them while they were walking along the beach together <3 

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