Our trip to ITALY...part due

After Marco got to Sardinia and we spent a few days there with family and beach time, we took off to the southern part of mainland Italy. First stop...Sorrento. But it wasn't easy getting there. We had to take a plane, bus, and 2 trains. Then we went to Capri...and in order to get there, we had to take a boat on which Lyla and I both got sea sick...fun stuff. It was worth it though because the city was gorgeous. Brace yourself for picture overload again...
Lyla and I enjoying some bon bons in bed...because frankly, after that journey, we deserved it.

Checking out Sorrento...of course Bebe has to come too :)

The southern area we were staying is known for everything and anything lemon...we found some lemons the size of your head at the markets. Not even exaggerating.

Sorrento on a semi-stormy day. You have to take an elevator through the mountain to get from street level to sea level.

Capri. Lyla playing peek-a-boo in my shirt.

Capri had super small cars and other means of transportation due to being on the mountain and roads being so narrow and steep. This is the smallest vehicle I have ever seen. Being an ambulance makes it even more hilarious. It reminds me of my favorite video. Ridiculousness. 

One of the main attractions to hike to in Capri. Gorgeous.
Next Stop: Pompei

 Chillin' in the theater.
 In front of a house.
 This picture looks fake, doesn't it?
Family photo op.
Next Stop: Positano, the city of stairs, that no one tells you exists...probably because if someone told you all you did there was climb stairs, no one would go. But, I think it was worth it. It was gorgeous. Lyla likes climbing stairs right now so she was in heaven. I, on the other hand, was about to die. Especially when the lady at our bed & breakfast told us nonchalantly that in order to get to the beach, we just take 500 stairs down....uhhhh what?!?!?!
A view of the city/beach.
 A view of the city from the beach. The beach was made up of black sand and rock, from the Volcano (Mount Vesuvius) that destroyed Pompei.
Positano from afar.
Next Stop: Amalfi
 Funny story....Lyla had 3 different occasions where random tourists from other countries took pictures of her...it was really weird for me but they seemed to think it was fun. They would even smile at me, like 'yes I just deliberately took a picture of your kid' when I would look at them questioningly. Maybe it was the way she strutted around the beach like a movie star in my her shades...
 Hollywood on the beach. 
 Looking for rocks on the beach, not seashells...rocks.
 Emerald Cove.
 Lyla happily eating her massive pizza. This girl can really take them down. Every night she would request 'pudda, pudda' for dinner. I promise you I am not exaggerating when I say that we ate about 20 pizzas on this trip....and we were there for about 30 days.....
Family vaca last night photo op.
 Random picture that happened on accident, but actually turned out really cool. Getting ready to leave Amalfi by boat.
Last stop: Rome, before our long journey home. Lyla was asleep on my back :) She was exhausted from all the traveling and looking for motos. Her favorite part was seeing all the motorcycles and vespas. She had really never seen one before, and over there there are a million, so it was exciting.
Well folks, that concludes our trip! Sad it's over, but glad to be home too. 

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