May and Lately in Pics: Bugs and Bubbles

i have been so flakey here! sorry guys...

we have been pretty crazy/hectic around here and i have been meaning to post, but
it takes time to sit to sort and edit all of my pics, so
i will probably stick to a monthly recap here for a bit :)

hope you don't mind!

car ride with all of her 'babies'

wanting to play hoops with the big boys at the park

scootin' around the neighborhood

we bought a butterfly garden off of amazon
then ordered the caterpillars
and had a little science lesson at home

we watched the caterpillars eat, grow, and build their cocoons
then they emerged 
and we fed them
then set them free

but got to play with them a bit before they left us :)

coolest thing ever
lyla was a huge fan

i highly recommend this activity for toddlers!

i swear this girl is part mermaid...

feelin' the sand in his toes

this boy and his bugs....

the bumblebee needed some pollen

then the real bee's started coming out
and it was time to move on to another game...


prepping their playhouse for guests :)

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