a minimalist baby registry.

If we were going to have another baby (which we are not),
I would definitely do a minimalist registry.

Having two babies, I feel like I've learned what is really necessary,
and what is basically a waste of money.

I wish I would have known all of this before Lyla.
I remember doing her registry and feeling so overwhelmed by it all.

And I feel like I wasted so much time and money trying to figure out the best products.

So for all of my soon-to-be or planning-to-be mommy friends and relatives,
here are my recommendations!

1. The Best Swaddle Blankets on the planet: Aden+Anais

I would probably register for 2 sets, because when babies are newborns, they love to be swaddled....and they also love to spit up :)

Plus if your baby becomes attached to it (like mine did) you can skip the whole "lovey"-buying and just cut one of these into 4 and hem the edges... then you have 4 loveys!

I would do all gender neutral as well in case I were planning to have more.

2. Another Aden+Anais genius products: The Burpy Bib

The best invention. Since babies love to eat and be messy while doing so, these are for the long haul. Burp cloths that work as bibs to. Two stages conquered. I would probably get 6 of these because you probably can never have too many, unless you want to spend a lot of time doing laundry, which you will already have to do when your baby arrives :)

Again, I would do gender neutral for future usage.

3. As far as newborn attire, I would only get TSHIRTs, SOCKS, and HATS. It is what is practical. I would get a few sets of all, because again, newborns like to spit up a lot. And they also like to poop a lot, and it will get everywhere....you will see....

Speaking of poop....I would get THESE disposables or if going cloth route then THESE prefolds and THESE covers for the newborn stage. Post newborn stage I would get THESE pocket diapers.

If you were to go the cloth diapering route...in my opinion and experience, you would need 2 dozen prefolds and 6 covers. Then 24 pockets and extra bamboo inserts for nighttime. You would also need a large wetbag for dirties at home and a small travel wetbag for out and about. Those can be found on etsy usually.

All of the above I would do gender neutral for future usage. You can also buy cloth diapers second hand in good condition for less...always a good option :)

For sposies....instead of wasting money on a super small "diaper garbage can" a good old regular garbage can with a lid or your bathroom trash works just fine for dirty diapers. When they start to smell, THESE are great and you can still use the same trash! Those "diaper trash cans" fill up fast and the bags are expensive!!

4. Since we are still talking about butts... wipes.....definitely the 1st choice: Honest brand or 2nd choice: Huggies Natural Care. They are thick and don't slip. You will understand when you get there ;)

5. Butt cream, Shampoo, Bodywash, Sunscreen/Bugspray (in the future): California Baby brand.

6. For skin hydration and massage: Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil.

7. THESE towels I have found to be the softest/thickest/most durable. And same with THESE washcloths. I've had cheaper brands and they rip/get holes/snag easier. Also, while the infant towel size is great, it really doesn't last you very long, so I think the bigger, the better.

As for tubs, they really aren't necessary. I tried a few different tubs with my kids, and just had no luck with them! When they are little, the mesh slings look awesome....until your kid poops in it...

Most of the time, I just ended up using a towel at the bottom of the tub to let the baby lay on, then once he was sturdy enough to sit on his own, he sat on the towel. It was much easier to wash than the actual baby tub or sling and didn't take up any space! (Thanks for that one mom!)

8. I would also save $$ by: instead of getting a swing or bouncing/vibrating chair and pack&play...just get the rock&play so that it functions as all three, getting only a couple of infant toys that work as toddler toys too (sophie, skwish, Oball....books are definitely longer-lasting than toys too) and not the infant play gym/mat (they outgrow it fast and a blanket works perfectly for tummy time), and either jumperoo OR exersaucer (they take up a lot of space).

9. THESE blankets are awesome. I would get a couple of big-ish blankets and a couple of crib sheets, and skip the baby bedding...it's more of a decoration than useful. Also, crib bumpers are pointless to me. By the time your baby rolls over, they are big enough to get their arms and legs through the rails no matter if the bumper is on or not and then, once they are slightly older, they will just use the bumper to climb the crib....

9. Another way I would save money would be to buy one carseat, one carrier, and one stroller. Probably THIS convertible carseat and then THIS stroller (I swear by the BOB) and THIS baby carrier (easy to use, gender neutral, grows with baby, works for mom&dad, faces in and out). If you need a cheap/lightweight umbrella stroller in the future, THIS one is good.

10. Rocker or Glider. Foot rest is a nice addition, but rarely used.

11. Instead of getting a crib and a bassinet and a pack&play, I would just get the crib. It can always be set up in mom&dad's room for a while. As for the pack&play.... how often do you really travel that you would want/need it? It's kind of a big thing to lug around, and there is always a floor you can make comfy for baby.

12. Feeding: If you are breastfeeding exclusively, you need nothing. Just some lanolin cream for the early days, nursing tanks for yourself, and if you are uncomfortable in public then a swaddle blanket works as a cover just fine. If you plan to supplement at all, then you need a pump, storage bags, and bottles. Large bottles seem pointless because babies don't drink that much when they are little. For pacifiers, if you need them, THESE are great.

13. In my opinion, a bumbo is pointless. And if your kid is big like Savio was, he or she won't even fit it when the time comes. A Boppy Pillow works great for newborn nursing and then is a great "learn-to-sit" thing for the baby when that time comes. I would get a couple of gender neutral covers for the spit-up factor again.

14. Regular old sound baby monitor. The video monitors creep me out since people can hack them and watch your baby! The sound ones can also be heard by others, but they are nice to have for peace of mind!

15. Toddler items: snack traps (THE best. kids cant get the lids of or open the top to shake the snacks out), sippy cups (supposed to be better for speech development), platesbowls, forks/spoons.

And that is all I would get. I know it seems like a lot, but dang those baby sections have so much more and can get way more out of hand. I would save money on buying the cutesy clothes. I know they are so much fun, but honestly you have them wear it once and get a cute picture, and then they throw up on it, so really, what's the point?


Am I missing any must-have baby items? If you have any questions about baby items, leave it in the comment section!

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