pics and chicks.

two days ago, we were outside in short-sleeved shirts
enjoying the sun, warmth, and our water table

marco was putting the grill together
the kids were playing
we were chatting with our neighbors

i thought winter was over (i think we all did)

then this morning, we woke up to snow again
mother nature is crazy
it seems like she just can't make up her mind

the snow is awfully pretty though...


a few days ago, we had my sister, brother, and brother's girlfriend
all staying here, hanging out.
we decided to finally get our pet chickens

i grew up having chickens and ducks as pets and remember it being
really fun and sweet

so when i mentioned it to marco, and the thought
of the kids with baby chicks
and then the perk of having super organic fresh eggs daily

he was on board

so we had my brother help us get set up with them
since he's the expert

the kids are absolutely smitten
and i would be lying if i didn't include myself ;)

seriously, how cute are they?!
and their little chirps, oh my...

oh and ms. lyla named them all (after disney princesses of course)
...ariel, belle, aurora, brave, cinderella, elsa...

ninja chick!


  1. Being in PA, I'm completely with you on this bipolar weather :( The little chicks are AWESOME! I have always wanted to raise backyard chickens, but will have to live vicariously through you and enjoy your captures, as our town ordinances don't allow them (sighs)

    1. aweee bummer!!!!! they are so fun :) ...(so far anyway ;P)...


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