real relationships.

we have been so busy lately getting settled in our new house, that i really
haven't had much time to sit down and write.

and i've had a lot of things on my mind....

first thing is, my word for the new year, which is 'relationship'
i really want to focus on my relationships with people in real life
people i love, care about, and want to have a life-long relationships with

in order to do that, i have deleted my personal facebook account
i felt that i was getting too caught up in it, and not having real relationships
with those i care about

the internet and social media scares me
it worries me that it will kill our relationships we have with one another
relationships will some day become extinct

i definitely don't want that to happen
i love visiting with others and having conversations
i feel happy, elated, revived, refreshed, relieved, fulfilled, etc.
when i get to have some real-life, good quality convos with others
i crave human contact, and i would like to think most humans do...

i think this all sparked when marco, the kids, and i went to a christmas festival
in early december....
we stopped at a take-out pizza joint to get something to eat
and as we were sitting outside enjoying the atmosphere and food
i overheard another family across the patio..

the dad took a picture of his little girl on his phone
and she immediately asked to see it
and then told him to put it on facebook.

done. i really do not want to hear that come out of my kids' mouths.

we don't take pictures for facebook.
we take pictures to savor the moments and make memories
so that we can look back on them
we also take pictures to document things we are doing at certain moments,
or growth and achievements
we take some pictures to share with family or loved ones who are not with us often
but, we do not take pictures for facebook. i really do not my kids to grow up focusing on the social media over true relationships with others.

so, i encourage you to challenge yourself by focusing more on real relationships with others
and focusing less on the social media.

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  1. Wow! I can't even begin to explain how closely I relate with this! I JUST deactivated my FB account last weekend after feeling similarly! Hence, why I started blogging again (as a way to share our happenings with family that can't be close physically) - but so glad that I have, because I've missed you and the thoughts you share here! :)


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