more about sensory processing disorder.

it has been a few months since lyla started occupational therapy
and it has been such a blessing

to know exactly what was/is going on with her
to know how to handle it
to have someone who understands her
to have someone to help us help her

when lyla goes to o.t. i talk with her therapist on how our week went
things that were really hard and things that were really easy
and her o.t. assesses what type of work she needs to do the most
then they go and 'play'

lyla really enjoys it
she has a lot of fun because she is 'playing'
but what she is really doing is getting in touch with her senses

think of your senses sending messages to your brain on roads
normally the roads are straight
kids with spd have not-so-straight roads
in order to straighten these roads they have to do some sensory work

every kid with spd may have a different 'sensory diet'
they may crave different types of input at different times
which could be deep pressure or big movements

getting through a day can be very challenging
her clothes might not feel right
or be the right color
she can't get dressed on her own
and cannot help me help her get dressed
she will not allow me to brush her hair
she hates when i brush her teeth
so many things go in her mouth, that shouldn't as a 3 year old
the car is too loud, and so are the lawnmowers and airplanes
and she is extremely clumsy
has poor motor planning
and poor fine motor skills
bedtime is impossible

the list could go on and on
and usually if something isn't just right for her
there is a major meltdown included
and it lasts forever

she has a big sweet happy heart
she loves her little brother to pieces
and sometimes will hug him too hard
she also really enjoys playing with friends
even though she has a hard time understanding sharing

there are usually a lot of tears shed daily
she is my little sensitive sweet pea
which is also a gift

it feels so amazing when she looks me in the eyes
or gives me a hug or kiss
or smiles for a picture
or is excited to do something with me
or when we get through a daily task without tears or a meltdown

i wish i could say that i am awesome at working with her
but the truth is, that i am not
i read up on information on the internet and in books
i talk to other moms with spd kids
i talk to lyla's o.t.
and i pray that god gives me enough patience to get through the days

sometimes i don't know how to handle certain situations
and sometimes i handle them in the wrong way
and then i worry about the damage or stress or confusion i may have caused her

and sometimes i definitely don't have enough patience to handle certain situations
it's hard
you have to think fast
but have time to organize things for her
and make sure we are doing enough sensory work
so we don't get to the overwhelmed/meltdown phase

i can't do it all, and i am not perfect, but i do try
and the truth is, i could probably be doing more

i have to constantly remind myself that what she is dealing with is stressful for me
but it is even more stressful for her

i hope life will get easier as she gets older and learns
how to get the sensory input she needs
when she needs it

and while o.t. is fun, it puts a dent in my pocket
so i am hoping that we eventually get to graduate

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