savio. ten months.

i cannot believe that we are just two months shy of celebrating my little guy's first birthday
that went by entirely too fast

this past month has been full of worry and wonder, but now we are at ease
at nine months, his pediatrician referred us to a physical therapist and neurologist

we were concerned because he was so 'floppy' and was not sitting up completely on his own yet
and was doing nothing else.

we got a physical therapy evaluation, and his movement was only in the 5th percentile for his age
then we got a neuro eval and mri, along with some bloodwork
the neuro eval was definite low muscle tone (hypotonia) 
and the mri showed a small spot on his cerebellum (controls muscle movements and coordination)
we are not sure what the spot is, but will hope and pray it is just a tiny scar
and savio will keep improving with physical therapy

we are at ease and very happy though, because
in one month
with a few physical therapy sessions
he has started scooting around on his belly
and is much more motivated to do so

we still have a lot to work on
but we have no worries

our sweet boy is just laid back and relaxed 
i would be lying if i said i didn't enjoy it a little ;)

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