mommy wardrobe.

let's have us some mommy wardrobe talk
shall we?

after you have a baby you so desperately want to get back into your old clothes
but usually it is just impossible
your body changes so much
and it takes a while for it to go back

if it even does completely

i usually keep my favorite pieces tucked away 
in the back of my closet as 'goal' clothes
and then get rid of the rest

post baby shopping sucks 
to be totally honest
sometimes tears are shed in the dressing room

but then you see that sweet little baby face looking at you
and it was all worth it

so you pick yourself up 
and try to pick out a new 'mommy wardrobe'

i usually try to find things that i can mix and match and that are comfortable
because lets be honest
on days when i 'get dressed'
aka i don't wear my yoga's and t-shirt
i still want to be comfortable
because i am usually still spending a lot of time at home
changing dirty diapers, cleaning up the kitchen, and getting spit up on

who wants to get all dressed up just to get spit up on?

ahh the life of a stay-at-home mom
wouldn't change it for the world
even with the parfum-a-la-vomit

since i know my body won't be like this forever
i try to find comfortable and affordable clothes
to get me by until i can fit into my 'goal' clothes

usually i can find good deals at target, sometimes in the clearance too
and i always browse marshalls, tjmaxx, and nordstrom rack

i also use a large handbag when we go out
that can also serve as a diaper bag

when you have a baby and toddler, there are lots of things to bring

i came up with an example of something i would put on
or recommend to you mommies out there

comfort is key

mommy wardrobe

Enza Costa shirt top / Old Navy denim shorts / TOMS shoes, $61 / Linea Pelle mini crossbody handbag

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