understanding lyla and spd.

finding out about spd was a blessing because it explained a lot about lyla and her behavior.
she is easily overstimulated and overwhelmed...

loud noises really freak her out. 
change is not easily accepted. 
wild and destructive messes are made.
relaxing is nearly impossible.

she has been evaluated a few times from different occupational therapists. we finally met a therapist that was perfect for lyla. they connected, we all felt comfortable, and the space they work in is awesome. lyla really enjoys going.

she has been going to therapy now for about a month, and i really have noticed a difference in her already. each week we go, i notice little things like...

we were able to get through bath time and other necessary daily functions without any issues or we were able to have a successful playdate with some friends or one day she decided to wear a different color other than purple. 

i try my hardest to work with her at home on different activities to help her get in tune with her senses and help her stay relaxed and connected. 

all the random positive changes add up. baby steps make progress.

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