stop at nothing.

stop at nothing...
that was what someone's t-shirt read at the gym.

good motivation.
it's time to get serious about 
my health and some weight loss.

i'm not one of those 'lucky' women who don't 
really have to work at being healthy and fit.
but for those who are 'lucky'
there is always room for improvement

with a little push from my mom and my hubby
i will not be falling off of my health plan anymore.
the last few months have just been too inconsistent.

i like going to the gym first thing in the morning.
it's a good start to my day.
it's not easy, but it's good for me.

my conversation with myself went like this today...

'i'm still tired'
so, wake up! get going morgan!
'i'm getting sweaty..the sweat is dripping down my face'
isn't that the point?!
'but it kind of tickles'
then wipe it off!
'alright, you can do this, knock it off and get going!'
that's right! keep it up girl!

i got to be my own best friend 
and keep pushing myself to do better.
and support myself
like i would a friend.

so i keep at it, with my music playing in my ear
helping to motivate me.
while hearing the soft hum of the treadmill.
and seeing others doing their morning workouts 
in my peripheral vision. 
i'm in good company. we all have the same goal.

when i get home, i am greeted by my lyla.
she asks 'mommy, you went to the gym? you all sweaty?'
i reply 'yep! that's right.'
she asks 'why?!'
and i tell her 'because i need to workout so i can be healthy. 
exercise is good for your body.'

and that is the main goal. because my kids deserve a healthy mommy.
and my husband deserves a healthy wife.
and i deserve to be healthy and enjoy life
for as long as i can.

and so do you!

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