diy stoplight.

if your kid is obsessed with stoplights,
then she will probably refer to
anything that is red, yellow, or green as
'like a stoplight.'

then she will make sure that you are obeying
each light when you drive anywhere.

one day she will ask for her own
stoplight for her to use
with her own car.

so you will get some supplies 
and attempt to create
your own,
since target doesn't carry one.

you need:
 one empty/rinsed half-gallon carton of milk
white and black construction paper
yellow, red, and green crayons or markers
something round to trace
pen and scissors
string (i used hemp)
glue (hot or regular old elmer's)

first i found a measuring cup (it was 1/3)
the circle size was perfect so i traced
three circles on the white paper

and then colored them in with each color

then i cut them out
glued the black paper around the carton
glued the colored circles onto one side
and glued on some string

personally i think hot glue works the best for the 
black paper and the string
and regular glue for the colored paper

i think we found our halloween
costume for this year

taking her baby for a walk 
and stopping at her stoplight

safety first people!

getting a little irritated with the other 
drivers and the traffic

i honestly have no idea where she got that....


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