from blah to wah-lah.

i love working on the playroom. i have been trying to figure out ways 
to help it look more organized, even though it always turns into a big mess.
but lyla gets a little overwhelmed when it's unorganized and messy
and then has a hard time playing in there.
so i have been organizing and simplifying.

i decided to transform this crappy ikea bookshelf. someone
gave it to us when they were moving, so i can't complain
because it was free.

the back panel was falling off and we didn't have anywhere for dress-up stuff to go
so i decided to turn this into a dress-up wardrobe.

first i got my color inspiration and went to the store for supplies.
then i took out the shelves and took off the back panel.
then i used a spray adhesive to glue fabric onto the back panel.

marco had an extra closet rod from when he fixed up our closet.
so he just measured, cut, and i spray painted it.
then he installed it.

we attached some knobs on the outside to hang up masks and necklaces
and organized all of the dress-up clothes.
headbands and scarves are in the boxes and
hats are in the basket.

it's super fun now!

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