father's day weekend and some changes.

lately lyla has been wanting to run like nonno and nana.
so we bought some running shoes
and a purple running outfit.
and signed up for the dad's day 1k for kids.

she was so excited about it.
but when we got there
there were a lot of people and commotion.
and lyla was a little overwhelmed
so she was a bit quiet.

getting her number

peptalk from babbo

at the start line

can you spot her?

 lyla's cheerleaders

when marco and lyla got to the stoplight
it was red.
and she knows that that means
so she would not cross the street.

then they turned around and walked back.

after the first couple of kids started running toward
the finish line 
lyla decided she would too.

and she took off running real fast
all by herself.

she crossed the finish line
and got her metal.


sunday we spent all day 
at nana and bumpa's
it was super hot
and the water felt nice.

then lyla got a haircut.
we have been struggling with 
hair washing
hair brushing
hair in eyes
food in hair
so we cut bangs and a bob.
hopefully all of our problems are solved.

making silly faces in the mirror 

trying to snap a picture while she was playing with playdough this morning.

and this is our new salt lamp and fountain.
we are trying to create a
more peaceful and zen


and the last change here is a big one...
our sweet puffin has moved to a new home.

we have been struggling with keeping up 
with her care
and giving her the attention and affection 
that she needs.

we will miss her.
but her new home is awesome
she is loved.
and we can get updates and visit.


hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
like us on our new

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