trendy tot tuesday.

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savio style

being the second child, and a boy,
savio doesn't get many 'new' clothing items.

i honestly never thought i would 
have any fun with dressing a boy.
but honestly,
i love it.

it's not as hard as i though to 
shop for a boy.
you just have to get creative sometimes :)

 i found some cute graphic tees on sale at target.
and then snagged up some matching leggings from the 
girls section at target to go with them.

this jumper was thrifted.
i like that it can go with long sleeves,
short sleeves, or no sleeves.

i have been finding some really awesome
pieces at thrift stores lately.
it's kind of addicting...

this polo was a hand-me-down
from lyla :)
i bought it in italy when she was one.
and she wore it until she was 15 months old.

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