my, how you've grown.

savio just turned 4 months. i cannot believe it.
i want time to stop. i am loving this age.
he is such a sweet little guy.

the other day lyla asked to hold him. he is getting a little big for her to hold him now, but i let her do it like she did when he came home, and snapped an identical picture.
i thought it would be fun to compare :)

he's catching up quickly!

now lyla's turn....we were at the park last week with our neighbor friends. lyla has a special connection with them. they were also preemie and were all in the nicu together.
it's like they are siblings because they have grown up together.
{and continue to grow}

so when we were at the park, they all wanted to swing in the baby swings... as i was pushing, i had deja vu. and snapped a picture to compare to the blast from the past that is just two short years ago <3

lyla has grown so much, it makes me cry!

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  1. Love the 2 pictures on the swings (the then and now)... They will also cherish these two captured moments later on down the road and thank you for them! :)


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