babywearing for the newbie.

i got an email from a friend asking about my carriers and realized i didn't mention it in my last babywearing post. 

woven wrap

there are many different types of carriers on the market. you want to make sure you find one that you think you can handle, and one that will be comfortable for you and your baby.

some different types of carriers are: buckle, half-buckle, mei tai, ring sling, woven wraps, stretchy wraps

some popular brands/places to shop: ergo, beco, babyhawk, comfy joey, birdie's room, moby

and i promise you, there are so many more! those are some good ones to start with to see what you like.


the baby must be seated in a froggy-legged position, meaning their knees even with their bum. and always facing inward. some carriers on the market do not allow that, and instead the baby's legs are dangling, which could harm their hips in the longrun.

i started out with the moby wrap. it is a stretchy cotton wrap, and you are only allowed to wear the baby on the front. once lyla started getting heavier, the wrap was pulling on my back, which made it more uncomfortable. i loved wrapping, so i moved on to woven wraps. i do not make them. i buy them. and they are especially made to carry babies. they aren't blankets or sheets or fabric. i am often asked if they are. they are woven with cotton, linen, hemp, and other materials. the only carriers i make are ring slings. buckles, half buckles, and mei tai's can also be custom made.

ring sling i made

woven wraps can be overwhelming because there are so many sizes, brands, colors, patterns, and carries you can do. but i think it is the most comfortable. and i like the versatility of being able to wear on the front, back or hip.

i've also tried buckle carriers, the ergo and beco, and preferred the ergo. i've tried a mei tai, and i'm not a huge fan personally, but know others who love them. and ring slings are great for quick trips, but can be uncomfortable for longer periods of wearing.

hopefully that can get some of you newbie's familiar with babywearing and carriers!

this & this are great websites to read about babywearing for starters too.


  1. Morgan!!! Happy new year! I'm definitely going to archive this for the future. YOu are very well-versed.

  2. Great post! I love the babyhawk baby carrier. It is so durable and looks great!

  3. I never made this realization until just now... babywearing would solve my grocery shopping dilmena! Most times I go by myself when my husband isn't working so he can watch the kids OR send one of them to be babysat at the in-laws... BUT I could "wear" NK, while LW sat in the seat of the cart! Thanks! :)


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