pictures postpartum.

my brother came to visit us for thanksgiving, and he happens to be an awesome photographer. he typically does snowboarding and other sport pictures, but did our wedding and family pictures for us. my mom really wanted him to do some while he was here, so we did. i honestly wasn't thrilled about the idea considering i had just had a baby not too long ago. i was tired and had no clean clothes that i wanted to wear.

after having a baby, i just dont feel comfortable in my skin yet. it's funny because you just can't wait to have a bump when you are expecting. but then once you have a baby, you can't wait to get your body back to how it was.

my mom always reminds me that my body spent 9 months growing a baby, and transforming and preparing to have a baby. it wont magically bounce back once the baby comes out. growing and birthing a baby is a beautiful thing that deserves to be cherished.

i recently read these two articles (one & two) and since have been impacted by them. all women need to read these. they are so true.

so i am glad that we did these pictures after all. i wouldn't want to be sad years from now about not taking any.

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  1. These pictures are great! I love reading your blog, the last picture is precious, he has so much hair!


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