i wish every mommy moment was this blissful rock-your-baby-to-sleep while snuggling and smiling and feeling so peaceful. 

but the truth is...there are moments that are super hard. and your baby is screaming and crying and you can't figure out why.  nothing is working.

when they are sad, so are you. when they hurt, so do you.

you wish so badly that you could help them and make them happy and know exactly what they need. and you beg god for more patience while you try to figure out what else to do. 

these moments make you doubt yourself... as a person. as a parent. as a spouse.

i think we need these moments though. even though we dislike them, we need them for a reality check. nothing comes easy. and the hard times are just small tests... these things pass.

and then you have those blissful moments again that reassure you that you are doing the right thing. 

you crave those blissful moments even more, and are more present in order to soak them up.
because these times pass too quickly.

regardless of the moments you are having...one thing remains the same....
the love you have for each other is endless.

obama said in his speech the other day...someone once told him, having children was like having your heart outside of your body. 
it's so true.


  1. This made me teary! They just grow up so quickly :( Those tough moments are the worst - but I know it does make me appreciate the quiet snuggles even more.

  2. So relatable!! Awesome post. New follower btw. Please feel free to check out my blog!!

  3. Sweet words,Morgan. It is really hard when we don't know how to make a crying child feel better, but those snuggle moments, now those are the best! Thanks for joining us for the mommy-brain mixer this week.

  4. Beautifully put! I agree that the moments when you are stretched "thin" and don't know what else to possibly do to comfort your child, makes you ten-folds over more appreciative of those happy, snuggle moments :)


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