holiday fun day.

last weekend we went to my parents neighborhood christmas event.
pictures with santa, cookie decorating, ornament making,  train rides, and even snow!
we were  a little early so we wasted some
time at the park, then we
were the first ones to enjoy the festivities.
lyla had fun.

we were too early for the train rides so lyla just chilled for a little bit. we were
too early for the snow too...maybe next year. we had
to leave in order to make it to the next festivity :)

lyla has never been thrilled about santa, but i can totally understand how scary he may seem. i had to kneel with her and we all held hands <3 

then we went to another neighborhood where they close the streets for people to walk around and enjoy the christmas lights.  many of the houses participate in a decorating contest. and
some houses have bands on their porches that are
fun to listen to.

so tired after a fun day.


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  3. Oh goodness. Your babies are adorable!
    I'm a new follower from the Mommy Brain Mixer. :)

    Maria @ thislifesbeautifulmoments.com


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