heavy heart.

my heart is so heavy today. not only by this shooting incident in connecticut, but by all the violence in this country and in this world. how can we feel safe and enjoy life when things like this happen around us? how do you explain these things to your children? how to you teach them about this stuff? how do you send them to school or let them go somewhere without you?

i can't even begin to imagine what the parents of the children affected feel, let alone the poor sweet innocent little children themselves. how confused and scared they all must feel...

as for the parents of the victims....can you imagine? sending your child to school like any other day... talking about what they may learn that day. what activities they might do. getting them dressed. packing their lunch. talking about the holidays. and then giving them a kiss and dropping them off, thinking they are safe. telling them you will see them after school and talking about what is on the agenda for the evening. and then the unthinkable happening, getting that devastating phone call. it's not fair.

and everyone else involved, the community...being robbed of their security....

when the tragedy in the aurora movie theater happened, i just couldn't bring myself to write about it. i watched the news and read about it but just couldn't talk about it. i just couldn't imagine. it lead to much thought about where we feel safe. there pretty much is no where you can feel safe or actually are safe. 

i recently just had a conversation with marco about how i really don't feel safe anywhere. we were at dinner for his birthday and i told him how i am always taking in my surroundings and thinking about different situations that could arise, and what i would do in those situations, trying to make sure that i am safe, and more importantly, that my kids are safe. but can we ever really be prepared? and is this a good way to live...in this paranoia...constant worry? we need peace....to try to accept that things happen out of our control. it's not fair.

life is too short. hold your loved ones close. cherish every moment. forget the small things. remember what matters. pray often.

love one another. accept differences. make change. bring peace.

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  1. Morgan ti capisco, non è facile spiegare, purtroppo oggi la vita è questa


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