nesting like crazy.

it seems as though i am in full blown nesting mode.

it comes and goes in spurts, but i get crazy urges to do things like clean the fridge out at 2 am and organize the cheese drawer. i didn't end up really doing that but i woke up one night and wanted to so bad, but then convinced myself not to. that would have been ridiculous.

then one night i spent nearly two hours organizing lyla's closet. marco was impressed.

it's funny because i have these urges to go crazy and clean and/or organize weird areas of the house. but then there are some areas that are totally neglected and obviously need help.

the other morning, i woke up at 5 am with the urge to make a list of all of lyla's meds and instructions on them and phone numbers for everyone who will be helping out in case i go into labor.

i remember going through nesting with lyla too, except it was when i felt that she would be coming home from the nicu soon. it was a different kind of nesting. i was extremely worried about germs and her getting sick, so we were disinfecting everything possible. we did not want her to wind up back in the hospital.

i feel a little overwhelmed with the baby coming and want everything done so when he's born i can just enjoy time with him. which is why christmas shopping is almost done here.

i am a list person. so at least there are things getting crossed off the to-do list. but it seems never-ending.

the hubs has been great at helping out and doing his share with our jungle we call a yard.

we have all things baby set up and plans of action ready in case something happens.

we are almost there...possibly only 2.5 more weeks!

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  1. Though I didn't realize it at the time, I definitely experienced the nesting phase a week before my baby was born (early.) Preparing for a new blessing baby is always so much fun. Enjoy these last few weeks, Morgan. Visiting from Casey's blog.


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