motherhood is hard. every mother has to figure out how to do simple things with their babies/children and find what works best for them.  each child may be different and need things done differently. from eating to sleeping to playing and everything in between. that means....more than likely you (parent or future parent) will be doing most things your own way, which is different than what others do/did.

and then there is decision-making for your baby/toddler. it's hard to make decisions. you try your best to do what you can with what information/resources you can find. you will always question yourself. and people around you will always question you.

but every mother needs support. whether it be from their own parents, childhood friends, other mommy friends, aunts/uncles, grandmas/grandpas, or even random strangers on the street. but for some reason it seems like instead of support there is more lecturing or judging because of what they do/did was different.

we are all mothers. we are all in this together. we all need support. we all love our children.

we all want the best for them.

it's tough stuff raising a human being, trying to make what you feel are the right decisions, then helping them make the right decisions for themselves until they are able to do that on their own.

what good would we be doing our kids if we based our decisions for them off of what other people did or thought we should do?

you know them the best. you have to put your kids first and think about them and your family when making decisions.

i can't speak for the fathers out there, but from what i've experienced thus far as a parent, i feel that they are less hard on themselves and one another. maybe us mothers could learn a little from them ;)

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