life lately.

we have been super busy over here lately.
between lyla's activities: school, swimming, and gymnastics,
and my weekly dr appts, we have had little time to get 
other things done! we are trying to prepare for the 
baby boy's arrival by catching up on house and yard stuff,
and making freezer meals
and setting up/organizing all things baby :)
it's all so exciting but crazy to think that we are going to
have a newborn baby boy here soon! 

taking a time-out from shopping to play

after-nap snuggles

doing a little shopping of her own 

my dad did some additions to lyla's swingset, so we have been busy there during free time

school days

practicing trick-or-treating

my little kitchen helper


skyping breakfast date with nonno and nonna

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  1. After nap snuggles are the BEST! those times and "middle of the night" wake ups are my only snuggle times. haha. my daughter is at the age where she wants to be down and running all over the place! ha. oh and I've been wanting to do freezer meals to make it EASIER on me, but I've yet to do it. haha. by the way, I'm your newest follower from the GFC blog hop! excited to read more posts from ya!


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