be thankful.

every so often you see and hear things that remind you to be 
thankful for each day.
and for every moment with your loved ones.

today, i got on the elevator after my ultrasound and we stopped at another floor.
a tall woman with a small pregnant belly got on with her head down 
and an ultrasound picture of her baby in her hand.

she quietly sniffled but kept a brave face as the elevator approached
the first floor.
then she got out and walked slowly behind me
still with her head down looking at her picture.

as we approached the door to exit the building
i heard quiet sobs coming from her.

and my heart broke
for this complete stranger.
i was choking back tears and praying for her and her baby.
i have no idea what she and her baby are going through
but i just prayed that everything would
be okay.

and i thanked god for my gift in my belly.

i thought about that woman and her baby for a few hours 
and i will probably never forget her.

hold your loved ones tight.
my belly is getting extra kisses tonight.

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