impromptu beach day!

i didn't get around to posting yesterday because we decided to do an impromptu beach day! so you get a bonus weekend post :) my best friend is here visiting us and we had so much fun! we played in the sand and water, then went to get ice cream at a vintage candy shop and did some shopping in a funny store...and we took pics of everything...

 road trip!

 so happy on the beach. didn't take long to get settled in!

 beach baby

 ice cream/candy shoppe

 i wanted one of each of these magnets.
 yay! smore's! :)
funny finds.

 'farts around the world' kept Lyla entertained for a while.

 Lyla did a little of her own shopping.

pinterest home

 exhausted after a fun-filled day!

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  1. Awwww looks like you guys had a blast =D

    Wish we lived near a beach. Thats my aim (hopefully in Barbados lol)

    You have a beautiful family =]

    P.s: Your twitter link doesnt work x

    Lotte xoxo


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