what we drove.

Marco and I got to talking the other night about our first cars and we were dying from laughter. It's fun to reminisce on the old days and hilarious to look at the pictures of the cars we used to drive. Good memories.

Take a look at these 1990 beauties:

Marco drove a 1990 Alfa Romeo 33. You can still buy these on ebay if you would like a 'historical car' from Italy. Ha.

And I drove a 1990 Oldsmobile Toronado. 

Pretty sick huh. 

The hilarious part of my car was that I had to plug it in at night. YES. I did. The heater wasn't strong enough to warm up and defrost my car and get me to school, so my dad added something that required me to plug it in. There was a cord that came out of the hood and plugged in to an extension cord coming out of the garage. Probably the most hilarious thing ever. 

What was your first car???

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  1. Haha!!! Those are some sweet cars!! My first car was a 1988 Navy blue Cadillac deville....trimmed out in gold...got between 7-11 mpg...I even found a razor blade conveniently hidden on the inside of the door. Pretty sure it was a drug dealers car. Lol! But I loved my Priscilla!!!


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