this week.

Since Puffin laid egg #4 this week, we started to get a little worried and went out to seek some advice on what to do. It is possible to lay up to 12 eggs in a cycle, but since it takes up so much calcium in their bodies, the egg could be very soft and rupture, causing death. Even though Puffin can REALLY get on my nerves sometimes, I was worried. So we decided to make some drastic changes. 

First thing we did was change her cage back to her small one. Marco took the eggs out and then put them in that cage. After that she wouldn't touch them. She didn't think they were hers since they were in a different environment.

She started to get a little stressed out, so me, Nonna, and Lyla set out on a Puffin shopping spree at Petsmart. We got her some vitamins, toys, and treats. Here's her new bachelorette pad:
She really wasn't happy that I was near her or taking her picture. She really hates me when I'm pregnant. 
Anyway, I think things are starting to look up for Puffin now. No eggs or Happy-Huttin' since the change.


Lyla decided at Petsmart that she needed to buy her dog a ball. So we got the 'bowbow' a ball and she has been playing with it ever since <3 soon my parents dog Rusty will be inheriting it I'm sure.


ice cream playdate with a sweet friend. Lyla kept trying to share her ice cream with Luke, but he kept playing hard to get ;)

popcorn playdate with twin friends :)

 a little crafting and swimming!

and a hip hip hooray for a new word!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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